Anniversary Changes: Introducing BridgeBuzz

October 1st marked the fifth anniversary of Bridge Global Strategies LLC.  While we’re in the middle of the busiest period of the year for our client work, I did pause to think about some of our activities and decided that after five years a few changes were in order.

Bridge Global Strategies has been publishing an e-newsletter about five or six times a year and sending it to clients, communications industry professionals and business people we’ve met along the way. Our readers span the nation and the globe, from Russia to Korea and South America, and everywhere in between.

cake2The newsletter has been a pet project of mine, due to my years of journalism experience early in my career, and I have personally written a lot of the content and edited each issue.  Our Bridge newsletter has focused on international communications. Past issues and articles about international communications are in our web site’s newsroom.

However, while a blog and a newsletter can offer similar material, with a blog my staff and I can communicate more frequently one post at a time (and we can lure the search engine spiders that will help bring new visitors to our company’s web site!).

Therefore, please welcome BridgeBuzz.  We will send an email to our old newsletter subscribers to let you know when a new blog post has been published, but the easiest way to get the word immediately is to subscribe to our RSS feed.

Next post, coming very soon: “Public Relations in Brazil,” an interview with Fernanda Domingues,  fd comunicação, Sao Paulo.

Lucy Siegel
CEO, Bridge Global Strategies

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2 Responses to “Anniversary Changes: Introducing BridgeBuzz”

  1. Julie Cole Says:

    Congrats of five years! I look forward to following the blog.

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