What Is International PR Like? With Kenneth Bandler

Wednesday, June 2nd marked the first official meeting of this year’s Public Relations Internship Summer in Manhattan (PRISM) program with seven PR interns coming together at Bridge Global Strategies for a meet-and-greet lunch followed by a guest speaker. The ten-week PRISM program meets every Wednesday and consists of interns from five different PR agencies, including Red PR, Makovsky & Co., Lotus PR, Herman & Almonte PR and Bridge Global Strategies. This unique summer program promises to expose the participating interns to first-hand knowledge of today’s public relations industry while also providing them with invaluable experience.

At our first meeting we were privileged to have Kenneth Bandler as our guest speaker. Ken’s extensive knowledge of the communications field was evident from the beginning of his informal speech. The PRISM interns asked questions about his past experiences and current responsibilities.

The major topic of the day was Ken’s position as Director of Communications for AJC (the American Jewish Committee). As an international think-tank and advocacy organization, the AJC attempts to identify trends and problems early – and then take action. On-going global issues of concern to the organization make Ken’s position both time-consuming and intellectually demanding.  With such a high level of activity and responsibility to react quickly to numerous global crises, Ken must always be on his toes and ready to call upon his years of experience at a moment’s notice in order to successfully represent the AJC’s interests around the globe.

The PRISM inters both learned a lot from hearing Ken describe his present position and were inspired by the prospect of someday being able to work in a similarly fast-paced and challenging environment which produces tangible, real world results.

by Ryan Viviani

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2 Responses to “What Is International PR Like? With Kenneth Bandler”

  1. Abby Says:

    I was excited to hear that PRISM lives on! I think this is such a great experience for summer interns. Keep up the great teaching work, Lucy & Co!

  2. Bridge Global Strategies Says:

    Thanks Abby. You left a great foundation for us to continue the program.

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