10 Tasty Tidbits about Marketing and PR from My Inbox (or “You Are What You Tweet”)

I receive several hundred emails each day, many related to PR, marketing and corporate communications. That’s the bad news, because it’s a major time sink, I simply can’t read them all and my inbox is never empty because I’m a hoarder of emails with news and information I would like to read later (yet probably won’t get to).   The good news is that I get immensely helpful news about marketing and PR without having to search for it.

Comparative Analysis via Twitter Behavior

Here are 10 examples of recent in-coming news that I found helpful, educational or eye-opening (or all three):

1. You Are What You Tweet: this is an infographic I created as a test of a not-yet-launched online service called Visual.ly that will create infographics from information you provide. (Each time you click on the first link above, you’ll see a comparison of my use of Twitter with a celebrity’s – a different one each time. You will see the software’s not-necessarily true conclusion that my Tweets are totally uninteresting compared to Jimmy Fallon’s, Brittany Spears’s and Conan O’Brian’s! Hmmph.) I was intrigued with this and Googled “Infographics tools,” only to find that there are several chart- and graph-makers, cool tools, but Visual.ly sounds like it will be really super.  By the way, infographics is a new buzzword in the communications industry that I see as a fancy word for “charts.” Below items #2 and #3 refer to infographics, also.

2. The CMO’s Guide to the Social Landscape: this is an infographic from CMO.com about nine major social media channels, distinguishing what’s good and what’s bad about each of them from a marketing viewpoint. It also shows how each site dovetails with customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to a company’s website and search engine optimization (SEO).

3. What CMOs Want in an Agency:  this chart shows the results of research done by The Horn Group and Kelton Research, called “The CEO Challenge.” I found it interesting that two-thirds of CMOs surveyed said they prefer working with smaller agencies. Also noteworthy is the bar chart showing that “ability to execute” is twice as important to a CMO as cost.

4. Concise explanation about Google’s new Google+ social media network from eWeek’s Cloud Computing Digest (newsletter). Bloomberg wrote this week that, although Google+ is still in beta, it has over 25 million subscribers already, a number it reached faster than any other social network.

5. Doug Simon announced that D.S. Simon, his video production company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In a video clip on his vlog, he said,“It’s not what you’ve done in the past, it’s what you do moving forward [that counts], and that’s why you have to be continuously getting better.” Not a bad piece of advice.  He’s following his own advice by opening a new office in Washington, D.C.

6. Clifford Mintz, founder of BioCrowd, a social media site developed specifically for bioscience professionals, wrote a blog post for BlogNotions, a life sciences blog, advocating the increased use of social media at scientific and medical conferences.  He believes that conference organizers in this field try to control the flow of information from the meetings too tightly, and social media can be used to loosen that control and get more information out to both the public and conference attendees more quickly and efficiently.

7. A story from a member of the marketing group I belong to, MENG, on how closely brand positioning and pricing are connected to each other. The writer gave a concrete example of how low pricing negatively affected the branding of an upscale hotel.

8. An op-ed piece in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog by Guy Gilpin, the founder of Mother Tongue Writers, noting that many major global brands with a presence on Facebook don’t think beyond English.  This includes Coca Cola, which has a Facebook page but posts in English only.

9. An announcement from LinkedIn that its search tool, Company Buzz, has been turned into a new service called LinkedIn Signal. (Since I’d never heard of Company Buzz, I guess I won’t miss it.) You can use this app to search people’s LinkedIn updates and find out what’s being said about you, your competitors, trends, etc.

10. A quote in Forbes.com from St. Louis PR pro Aaron Perlut about Congress’s PR failures. He called Congress the “world’s biggest and worst PR machine” and wrote, “[Members of Congress] continue to make the same PR mistake after mistake in scuffle after scuffle, disenfranchising the very swing voters they wish to ultimately sway.”

Lucy Siegel

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